Tandoori Oven Restaurant Coffs Harbour


Traditional Indian Starter Dishes

Tandoori Oven Entree Menu

    • Crepes

    • Prawn Curry Crepe

      16.90 e | 29.90 m

      Tomato and onion chutney with fresh prawns wrapped in a French style crepe, and then grilled with cream and cheese

    • Lamb Curry Crepe

      14.90 e | 23.90 m

      Lamb Curry wrapped in a French style crepe then grilled with cream and cheese

    • Samosas

    • Minted Lamb Samosa


      Traditional south indian samosa filled with minted lamb mince and peas (3 per serve)

    • Potato and Pea Samosa


      Traditional north indian samosa filled with lightly spiced potato and peas (2 per serve) - with chickpea curry extra $2.50

    • Vegetables

    • Manchurian


      Shredded vegetable lightly spiced and fried till golden brown served in gravy of Saute garlic, green chillies and spring onions

    • Finger Food

    • Prawn Pakhoras


      Green king prawns fried in a beasan flour batter, served with homemade sweet tamarind sauce (4 per serve)

    • Onion Bhaji


      Shredded onion and fresh coriander dipped in a beasan flour batter and deep fried (4 per serve)