Indian Food and Drink

Indian food and drink is very diverse. In some areas of the country, all of the food is vegetarian. In others, meat is part of the cuisine. However, fruits and vegetables play a huge role in Indian cooking throughout the country. Another item that plays a huge role is flavor. Indian cuisine is known for being intensely flavorful. They use a number of powerful herbs and spices to give their food an unmistakable taste and aroma. While not always hot, good Indian food is always spicy.

One of the most interesting aspects of Indian cooking is its history. Indian food has been evolving over thousands of years. Throughout that time, modern Indian food beliefs such as vegetarianism and beef avoidance developed in different areas of the country. Furthermore, new foods, drinks and cooking techniques were introduced by visiting or invading countries. What has resulted is a food type that is beloved the world over.

The defining aspect of Indian cuisine is its spices, but there are foods that are commonly found blended with those spices. In Indian food, we see a lot of saffron, ginger, nutmeg, coriander, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon and clove. There are lentils, nuts, chicken, butter, fish, all available fruits, rice, lettuce, chilies, duck, milk, pork and flatbreads. There is nary a food that has not found its way into an Indian dish. They use their brilliant cooking techniques to turn these ingredients into delightful dishes like butter chicken, tandoori chicken, biryani and chicken razala. It must be said that one would spend a very long time tasting all that India has to offer. There is also a lot to be said for the regionalization of their food.

Of course, no amazing food culture would be complete without complementary beverages. Like the food in India, the drinks are diverse and regional. There are alcoholic beverages like palm wine, which may also be prepared non-alcoholic. There are traditional beverages like tea, coffee and wine. Then, there are yogurt drinks and a plentitude of juices.

It is often said that Indian food is not quite the same outside of India. Nonetheless, there are Indian restaurants all over the place and they use those special spices that make Indian food so edible. Though, it is sometimes hard on the stomach.